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CTS Online Essential Maintenance
Please note that due to scheduled maintenance, the CTS Online (CTSO) website will be unavailable between 9pm and 10pm on Wednesday 23 October.
CTS Online Essential Maintenance
Please note that due to scheduled maintenance, there is the potential for disruption to the CTS Online (CTSO) website between 7pm and 10pm on Thursday 24 October. If you are automatically logged out of CTSO during this time, please log back in and continue with your session. Keep your receipt of submission and also check the ‘Submitted but not yet processed’ section of the site within the View Cattle Summary Page before you end your session. We apologise for any inconvenience.
We’re experiencing high volumes of work.
We will clear this in date order.
Please help us by allowing 2 weeks from your initial contact before contacting us again.
Thank you for your patience.
We are removing some breed codes
From 1 August 2019 the following breed codes will be removed and will no longer be available on CTS Online:
Belted Dutch or Belted Dutch X
English Park or English Park X
Old English or Old English X
Kiwi or Kiwi X
We will not be updating the breed on existing passports.
You should always use the bloodline of the sire to register the birth of a calf.
You do not have to update CTS online now. But in future you should consider the following.
Belted Dutch/Belted Dutch X should be registered as Lakenvelder/Lakenvelder X as it’s the same breed.
English Parks should be registered as White Park/White Park X.
Old English is not an approved breed and should not have been added to the official breed code list.
It has been confirmed that there is no pure Kiwi, and Kiwi X is not a breed. The bulls are mainly Holstein X or Jersey X. The breeder will know the actual breed of the bull and you should use this.
Missed reporting a movement?
If you miss reporting a movement and it appears in your problem status on CTS Online, did you know you can still report the movement using the ‘Register ON Movements’ or Register OFF Movements’ menus and typing the full ear tag.
What can I do with CTS Online?
You can use CTS Online to report births and movements, on and off your holding. You will receive notification that we have received this information. At any time, you can ensure that we hold an accurate record of your cattle. You can also transfer data files to and from a spreadsheet or a farm management package.
"A very easy and quick method. It saves a lot of time, and there is not the same chance of errors in reading the tag numbers from the application forms, and you are not relying on the post."
CTS Online is simple, efficient and free. It saves you time and paperwork and is always available. By working online, you can be confident that all records are accurate and that you will receive your passports with no delays.
Agent Access

If you wish to appoint an agent or you are an agent and wish to enrol you can find out more about Agent Access by clicking here.

How do I get started?

Preparing to use CTS Online is a three step process. You will only need to go through the first two steps once.

  1. Register with the Government Gateway
  2. Enrol for CTS Online
  3. Log in to CTS Online
  1. If you do not have a Government Gateway User ID, you will need to register for Government Gateway before you can enrol for CTS Online.
    For instructions on how to Register for Government Gateway follow the
    Registration and Enrolment Process
  2. If you have not yet enrolled to the BCMS CTS Online service you will need to do so. You will need your CPH number and CTS Online ID to enrol for the service
    For instructions on how to enrol for the BCMS CTS Online service, follow the
    Registration and Enrolment Process
  3. If you have successfully enrolled for the BCMS CTS Online service, click the 'Log in' button to access the service. You will need your Government Gateway User ID and password to login.